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Tip: A good way to minimize a space is to place value on your belongs. Determine if things are considered a treasure, trash, tools or toys. These are considered to be the 4 T's. Treasures have high emotion but no function. Trash has low emotion and no function. Tools have low emotion but high function and toys have high emotion and high function. Treasures are things pasted down from generation to generation.  Trash can be considered something you haven't used in 2 years or eligible to be rid of. Tools are things you use when needed such as hammers and wrenches. And toys are such things as computers, TVs or ATVs that can become attachments. It's important to determine what value you place on your belongings so in the future you don't become cluttered or overwhelmed with unnecessary things.


Process for Getting Organized

- Assess the situation and how the space in the room is being used.

- Determine a desirable outcome by suggesting a way to create order and use the space effectively.

- Determine what is the best system and tools to use that will meet your organizing needs.

- Get down and dirty and Get Organized!

Minimizing, Maximizing and Maintaining


To be organized, you must minimize your belongs, stuff or things in a space. At Think. Be Organized, LLC we are compassionate and nonjudgmental. It is up to you to decide what is kept and what goes.


In order to use a space and make the space efficient you must maximize your space. That is to use the space to the best advantage.


To maintain a space efficiently you must constantly minimize what's around you by throwing things away, removing or recycling things and constantly maximize the effective use of your surroundings.

Once you are organized, you are going to want to stay organized. There are new and improved organizational systems out there that you will find it easier to staying organized.

Think. Be Organized, LLC is here to help you minimize the clutter, maximize your space and maintain the order in your home. We are here to help you with all your organizational needs.

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